At Unforgettable Proposals we create the perfect setting for any romantic occasion from anniversaries, birthdays and our specialty – Proposals.

We pride ourselves on being different to the norm with concepts designed from open minds and a wide imagination. Our goal is to provide our clients with unparallel service whilst delighting all five senses. With our experience and innovative approach, we’ll create your moment to perfection.

We believe personal proposals are the key to greatness. An engagement story can be elaborate and over the top or small and intimate. Whichever you prefer, our job is to ensure we create the perfect proposal for you and as personal as possible.

We understand ever girl is different which is why we have thought of everything, from traditional proposals with romantic settings to extreme and mind blowing proposals she never would have seen coming. Celebrate that First Kiss after she says ‘I Will’ with the clear Pacific Ocean as your backdrop or the sun setting during dinner on your own private island.