The marriage proposal to a women should be the most romantic  moment of their lives, unfortunately for some there marriage proposal has turned out to be completely ruined by some moves you should completely avoid. We have the scoop from women on how their men failed to create the perfect proposal.

When you’ve made the decision and chosen the one you wish to marry and spend the rest of your life with, it can be extremely nerve racking. Deciding on the destination, what to say, if she’ll say yes! We understand the pressures on, especially with the competition of elaborate proposals and women expecting the most romantic moment of there lives since childhood and with the thanks to media we are subjected with these perfect proposals constantly.

If you choose not to use a proposal planner to ensure smooth sailing, we wish you the best of luck- Just remember to avoid these 5 proposal mistakes:

1. Blabbering

The Surprise factor is key and extremely important to the proposal. Telling family and friends the full details about the proposal is a big no no! The only time we believe you should tell your family is if you wish to involve the family in the proposal which is always a key to success.

Watch: man proposing using family members>>

proposing using family

However if you choose not to use the family then do not tell until after.

I know it’s extremely tempting to tell people as your overwhelm with nerves and excitement and probably looking for advice, however if they spill the beans there is a high chance your magical day will be ruined. If too many people catch onto your proposal plans, it’s more than possible your finance will find out.


2. Wait for that Moment

If you plan a proposal with Unforgettable Proposals, we believe it is all about the moment and building up the day to that special moment you get on your knee.

Unfortunately if you’re like most guys, the moment you choose to propose you just wish to get it over and done with. This would usually entail a proposal at the usual restaurant you dine at over a burger and fries. We understand when you have just purchased that magical ring your not going to feel happy or relieved until you know it is happily secured on her fourth finger, but don’t let those nerves take over and you just blurb out ‘will you marry me’ anywhere.

Remember everyone she comes into contact with will most definitely ask the question, ‘so.. how did he do it?’ Please don’t fail her with a story no one will be envious off, you want all her friends and family to be telling the story of the romance to die for.

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failed proposal in food court


3. No Ring

In a recent survey by ‘The Knot’ in the United States ranked #1 the biggest engagement faux pas a guy could make was Proposing without a dazzling ring.

Sure a lot of women may say it doesn’t matter and as Julia Robert’s put it ‘ the fact that he asked is surely enough for any women’. Don’t be so sure men, yes your declaring your love and putting your self on-the line for the one you love may seem enough however if you don’t provide that ring she won’t feel like the proposal is 100% legit. If your worried about not choosing the right ring make sure you select a jeweller which provides an exchange service or a temporary ring such as a family heirloom that can act as a place holder.


4. The Stress

It is amazing how on the day a man is planning to propose the couple will most likely get themselves into an argument. Usually as the man is extremely nervous and acting quiet strange – your partners going to catch onto this and questions will be asked.

Getting into an argument on the day or before your proposal could definately ruin your proposal and take a turn in your plans you’ve been arranging for weeks. By hiring a proposal planner all your stress is gone as it’s us behind the scene ensuring everything runs smoothly, the boat, the hot air ballon, the animals which ever you have arranged we will ensure it runs to perfection. Just remember to stay calm, enjoy the ride and make her feel a MILLION bucks!


5. Proposal based on your likes

Sorry guys but the proposal is not about you.. It’s about your loved one. We know that proposing at your local football club may see romantic to you, however she’s pictured this proposal in her mind for a while now and i’m sure that scenario didn’t cross her mind. It’s about proposing based on your partners likes and what you know she’ll love. By using our proposal package creator or meeting with a proposal planner we can find out about your partner, her likes and interested and create a proposal customised to her.

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failed proposal




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