In today’s society there is so much pressure with where to take a girl, how to ask, what to wear, time, venue, date!! Dating can be extremely nerve racking, however if you follow these simple steps prior to the date at least you’ll get off to a great start.

1. Picking a Venue - So you’re thinking about where to take your date. First things first – just make sure you don’t ask the girl, ‘ where would you like to go?’  This will instantly show lack of confidence. It’s a nice surprise when a male picks the venue and has the evening planned and organized. I always suggest for a first date trying out somewhere that’s fun and interactive such as cooking classes, wine tasting or boat cruises which can create conversation and keep things from going awkward.

2. Shoes – The first thing women tend to notice will be your shoes. If you get it wrong your nice outfit could turn into a dreadful one! Shoes can also tell a lot about someone and your personality so if you’re sporty please don’t wear runners with your formal attire! Just keep it simple and clean. 

3. Loosen the tie – unless you’re at a venue that requires one, wearing a tie might make her feel like she’s at a job interview. Besides leaving our shirt open collared will help you breathe a bit easier. Just remember to not get too carried away with the buttons otherwise you’ll be crossing into Jersey Shore territory.

4. Check your breath – we’re sure your breath’s fine, but it never hurts to pop a mint before you arrive at the venue. There is nothing worse and off putting than someone with off breath!

5. Grooming– Please make a bit of effort with the grooming. Girls will spend hours picking the perfect outfit so the least you could do is clean your nails, trim the hair and check your scent. A fragrance is a great way to get noticed and compliments will roll if she likes it. If you’re looking for a winner fragrance purchase – ‘One Million’ by Paco Rabanne.

6. Don’t be late - there is nothing more embarrassing for a lady when agreeing to a date, arriving on time and having to wait for you. Try to be early – besides you don’t want to be flustered from rushing.

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