Why Us?

The marriage proposal is one of the most important days of your life. Your proposal is a day you don’t want to disappoint your loved one, however unfortunately 75% of women are disappointed with their marriage proposal story.


More than 75% of women agree that the ‘surprise factor’ is an important factor in the marriage proposal. By planning your proposal with us, we guarantee your partner will be so stunned with the day we tail for you. And don’t worry your work with us is kept confidential.


Unforgettable Proposals is here to save you time dealing with all the fussy organizing you don’t have time to worry about.


It’s a fact that many couples argue on the proposal day, as the man is unorganized and generally acting very strange and nervous! We will take away all the pressure as we guide you through your perfected day!

Stories to tell the kids!

The first question everyone asks is ‘how did he propose?’ We want you to have the best story to tell your friends, children and peers for years to come.


With our selection of the best vendors and expertise negotiating skills, we will ensure you save on price!

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